Better Team, More Growth

Events in the field of coaching and human resources mentoring

My experience in the field of human resources and coaching, both in the startup ecosystem and in cooperation with large companies, has shown me that one of the biggest challenges that is sometimes tied to the success and profitability of the company is the ability of startups and Even companies are in the way teams are managed and in the decisions that are made by managers.
Rarely have I seen managers acknowledge the need to improve team management and the decisions they make, but after my human resource mentoring or coaching sessions with managers, the importance is that there is always a way to improve, and this is a The necessity is evident.
Especially over the past years, I have tried to hold workshops for startups, large companies, accelerators, growth centers, job fairs and innovation and employment schools, focusing on improving the condition of teams as well as coaching. And integrate it with human resources.

Titles of workshops and webinars that we hold:

Team building and team management workshop:
This workshop is designed to help entrepreneurs and co-founders in startups. In this workshop, we will examine the relationship between managers and co-founders. We discuss why and how to build a team in a startup, and how human resources professionals can help us in this process, and how to plan an individual development program and combine it with team development.
Problem Solving and Responsibility Workshop:
This workshop is designed to familiarize team members with two important parameters of emotional intelligence, namely problem solving and responsibility and their practical training. In this workshop, in addition to scientifically and practically examining the structure of a team, in order to improve the problem-solving situation and the responsibility of the team members, we sit down for conversations and do practical exercises.
Virtual Team Workshop:
This workshop is designed to examine the structure of virtual teams and how to implement them. In this workshop, we will examine why and how virtual teams are created and evaluate the challenges and opportunities that exist in them. We discuss practical solutions for creating virtual teams and how to evaluate virtual teams.
Agreement with final candidates for managers workshop:
This workshop is designed to improve the skills of managers and co-founders in the final agreement with candidates for a job in the company or startup. In this workshop, we will discuss with managers and co-founders what to consider when selecting and agreeing with a final candidate for a position. What this negotiation should look like with the final candidate or final candidates for a job in the company, what points in the final agreement and contract should be discussed, how this process is evaluated, what are the cognitive errors and what is the chemistry of the relationship. In many cases, this workshop is one-on-one , but it can also be held for a group of co-founders or managers.
Co-foundership workshop:
This workshop is designed to improve the skills of co-founders in communication and team building with other co-founders. In this workshop, while examining the need for team building skills among co-founders, we will discuss the challenges they face in this direction and how to overcome these challenges. We evaluate ways to improve the relationship between co-founders.
2020 - Team Working Online Workshop
Online teamwork workshop, initiated by Sharif University of Technology Entrepreneurship Center for computer co-up students, with the topics of decoding teamwork, talking about the skills needed for teamwork and how to identify the right team for us on the 2nd of Azar 99 was held.
2020 - The fourth workshop of Sharif Employment School
Along with Sharif Employment School, in the fourth period, we went to the aid of teams to establish effective communication, teamwork, problem solving and professional responsibility in the teams. This course was held online in the summer and October of 2020.
2020 - Problem solving and accountability workshop
This workshop was held in July 2020 at the request of Vitrin net Company with the aim of increasing productivity in teamwork and better management of teams.
2020 - Coching and University Webinar
This webinar was held during the coaching week (in June 2020) with the aim of examining the opportunities and challenges of coaching at the university with the presence of Sharif Employment School.
2019 - Empowering the team webinar with coaching with the participation of the Persian Language Coaching Academy
This webinar was held on Sunday, October 19, 2019, with the focus on increasing internal motivation and problem solving in the team, along with the Persian Language Coaching Academy (FCA). This webinar was the first webinar of a set of three webinars to lead the team.
2019 - Team building workshop in startup match (Sharif University of Technology)  
The audience at the workshop was co-founders who have a realistic understanding of the importance of team building in startups and are looking for ways to build and develop their teams. This workshop was held on October 6, 2019.
2019 - Smart human resource webinar with coaching
Why is coaching the focus of human resource managers around the world? This webinar was held in August 2019 in response to this question along with the Persian Language Coaching Academy (FCA).
2019 - Team Building and Individual Development Event on Unleashing Day (Saturday Weekly)  
With the event of team building and individual development, on the opening day of the weekly on Saturday, June 19, 2019, we were in the service of the startup cofanders to answer their questions.
2019 - Investigating Human Resource Challenges in Startup Gathering, Sharif Accelerator Startups
The event, which took place on June 12, 2019, addressed the challenges of human resources in startups in three areas: developing the skills of co-founders, maintaining and developing the team, and team culture.
2019 - Mentor Coaching Workshop Collection with a focus on team building
A set of workshops for mentor coaching focusing on team building was commissioned by Sharif Employment School in a quarterly period from May to July 2019. Team coaching is one of the best ways to build and develop teams. In this way, teams learn how to interact better with each other, become more familiar with the strengths of their teammates, strengthen listening skills in the team, and give each other appropriate feedback, which ultimately builds trust in the team.
2019 - Entrepreneurship Team Evaluation Workshop
The workshop was held at the request of the country's Vulnerable Investment Association on February 1, 2019. The study of the indicators for evaluating startups in the field of human resources was conducted in the presence of companies that face this issue as a challenge.
2018 - Team building workshop in startup match event
This workshop was held in December 2018with the aim of empowering the co-founders who participated from Sharif, Shahid Beheshti University, etc., by the order of Sharif University Entrepreneurship Center.
2018 - Workshop on starting a startup team in a trigger startup event
This workshop was held for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs on October 20, 2018.
2018 - Employment Skills Development Workshop
In the first months of 2018, a workshop on employment skills development was held at the job fair for job seekers and job seekers.
2017 - Virtual team workshop
The virtual team workshop was held in December 2017 at Sharif University of Technology at the request of Sharif Accelerator.
2017 - Human resources assistance workshop for startups
In November 2017, a Human Resources Aid to Startups event was held at several organizations, which was a great experience to talk to startups.