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Farsi Speakers all over the world


Farsi speakers, whether ،They are Iranian, Tajik, or Afghan, living and working all over  the world, are more comfortable to receive coaching services in their primary language.  No matter if you are looking for executive coaching individually or in the form of your organization.

Coaching and mentoring programs are largely based on interpersonal relationships, and therefore a full understanding of each other is a prerequisite for the success of these programs. Fortunately, despite advances in communication technology, high-quality consulting services can be provided, even remotely.

The experience of international companies has shown that the use of coaches and mentors of the same language can significantly increase the impact of these programs, and therefore it is recommended that if you need one of the coaching or mentoring services, Hire people with the same language.

Due to the fact that it is usually possible to provide the mentioned services by phone and online, it is possible to provide such services remotely to Farsi speakers around the world. Some companies may need one- or several-day group workshops to improve and enhance some of their coaching skills in coaching, which I can do, especially in neighboring Iran.

Wat does Farsi speakers around the world mean?
Citizens of Tajikistan and Afghanistan who speak Farsi, along with Iranians living in other countries, form Farsi-speaking people who can benefit from our services in Persian.
What services do we provide to Persian speakers around the world?
---- Executive Coaching ---- Co-Founder Coaching ---- Facilitation ---- Human Resource Mentoring ---- Head Hunting ---- Team Building
Is it possible to provide remote services?
Yes, it is possible to provide our services remotely both by phone and online via Skype, Imo and whatsapp or other applications and software that you have installed locally and use
What tools do you use to provide remote services?
Both by phone and online via Skype, Imo and whatsapp or other applications and software that you have installed locally.
Does providing remote services have the same effectiveness and impact on their face-to-face delivery?
Because services such as coaching and mentoring are conversational, they can be delivered remotely and effectively. In some cases, and especially in the case of services such as team building and human resource mentoring, it may be necessary to be present at the customer's location, which is possible with prior coordination. Because before we provide any of the services, we will conduct a needs assessment and review of the issue, it will be possible to plan carefully how to provide the services.
Is it possible to be in a country other than Iran if necessary?
How long does it take to support the services provided?
The connection between you and us will never be broken and we are always ready to answer your questions and requests. This is our moral commitment to our customers and clients. However, certain services have been provided to you within a certain period of time.
How to pay for services?
With prior coordination, it can be paid for through international credit cards or through reputable exchanges.
Is it possible to get advice before receiving services?
Yes, it is possible to answer the questions both through the free consultation page and by e-mail and telephone.