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How do we constantly move on the path of job promotion?

The future is what we all strive for. In fact, not all of us want to taste success. A chemical stimulus in the brain that, with just one occurrence, becomes a constant desire that we are constantly looking for. The first time we receive a word-creator with a parent’s smile as a signal of success is a special moment that is not enough to repeat over and over again, and again the desire to experience this moment puts us on a path called We call it the path of success. The path we need in job promotion.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to take this path uniformly, and repeating the touch of success requires endless effort. But do we have to take care of everything that is needed in this effort?

This may seem like a strange question. It is like saying that you do 50% of what you need to do and leave the rest to me. But this is true. As human beings in a human colony whose greatest success has been collective activity and teamwork to the extent that it puts us in a position of dominance over other species, we can see this collective success and its achievements as a tool on our individual success path. Also use.

The truth is that many people have used these achievements to pave the way for their personal success over the past few thousand years, and this is not just about the 21st century. What sets today apart from the past are the more tools we have at our disposal. What are the achievements of collective collaboration that have helped us achieve our individual successes over the centuries, no matter what tools we have at our disposal?


Let me mention two of the most important ones: collective memory registration and social networking!

Collective memory may also be history, but I want to continue to rely on the word memory. Because memory is not only the historical documentation of events around a human community, but also his understanding and sense of these events. In collective cooperation, the existence of such a memory and its formation has been the most important tool of leaders. A collective understanding of what has happened leads the human community in different directions than what exists or will happen. Creates or destroys energy and synergy. Something that smart managers are well aware of and know how to manage or direct.

Social networking is not a product of the 21st century, although we have heard it a lot in recent years. The social network is the product of human collective bonds in which assimilation and assimilation are pursued as a goal. However, with the advent of soft social media management tools, which we know as social networking applications, more goals and paradigms are being designed and pursued.



What do these have to do with my personal success path as an expert, manager or founder?


توسعه فردی


No success in the future is possible without considering the steps we are taking now, and the present is a function of what we have done in the past. I do not think anyone would disagree with the above sentence. However, some may value the present more than the past or the future. I do not want to discuss this, what I am trying to talk to you about today is that it is possible to make a connection between the past and the future by focusing on the present and the actions needed to re-touch the moment of success in the future. Is designed today but only half done!

Collective memory connects the past to the present, and social network is our driving force towards tomorrow. If you have just one profile on Instagram or LinkedIn or other social media management tools and you are spending time, I must say that unfortunately you have put yourself on the wings of luck and this is a good use of these tools and the achievements of collective human cooperation. Are not. You may know even better than I do about the various features of these tools, which I certainly do, but I want to draw your attention not to how but why they are used.

Why should we use social networking applications as a collective memory search engine? Why can social media applications be a tool to mimic the path to human success? And why is a collective memory search engine and a replication tool so important in reducing the steps required for our individual success?

Consider the LinkedIn social network. Experts, managers and founders have profiles on it and have identified what steps they have taken towards their success. What is their university education, where have they studied, what is their work experience, what skills do they have, what groups are they interested in, etc. This social network stores a huge amount of data about the path that people have taken in their jobs. And if it were possible to speak, he could have acted for each individual (assuming that they have identified their interests and career path) to chart a career path that is successful. Such a thing may be the subject of series like West World at the moment, but at least we can search through this data to examine the collective memory formed by various career paths and its parameters. People voluntarily post this information on LinkedIn, which shows our personal desire to record individual experience and the formation of collective memory, so this data is reliable and important to use. We no longer have to try and make mistakes in our career paths and we can use LinkedIn to imitate our job promotion with a high degree of confidence, and this will save a lot of energy.



Think like a head hunter.


هد هانتر


Headhunters are professional seekers in the job search world. They are well versed in drawing a company’s workspace and attributing it to the right candidates for that space and job. They believe that any person can be promoted if there is a suitable space for him / her and they can also find suitable candidates for different work spaces.

Those who work in technology companies are well aware that there can be different work spaces between two companies that operate in the same industry and have a common business theme, which means that you necessarily have to master Programming will not guarantee your success in a technology company. The same is more or less the case in other companies.

So, like a head hunter, use the collective memory registered in social networks. Use it to evaluate the path of your job promotion and determine the path to be taken. Use it for networking and share your experiences and personal memory of your job among your networking and increase the circle of professionals who remember you in your memory. This will create great job opportunities for you in the future, opportunities that you will have to work hard to get on your own.



What is my responsibility in paving the way for success in my job and profession and what is not my responsibility?


مسیر شغلی


Understand the philosophy of any social network before using it. Ask yourself what kind of data this social networking application stores from people’s individual memory and what kind of collective memory it ultimately creates. Ask yourself why this social networking tool can be useful in my job promotion, and finally, if you find the right answers to the above questions, ask yourself how I can use this collective memory and the facilities of this social networking to serve you, to pave the way. Promote my career.

Remember that success is an individual sense of accomplishment that is momentarily formed and requires a lot of effort to replicate, but this means that firstly we do not have to do all this effort alone and secondly there is no reason to feel Do not experience success in its path.

In the previous section, I explained how to think like a head hunter and pave the way for success with less energy. But let’s be even lazier and let the head hunters take over another part of the job. Add this to the things you need to do. Include headhunters in your social network. Let them monitor your job profile. They have access to job opportunities that may not have been advertised anywhere. These job opportunities are not necessarily special, but on average they are better than similar job opportunities and can help you speed up your job promotion.

Fortunately, in Iran, Head Hunter, both individually and as a company, are more active than in the past, and more companies are interested in working with them to attract managers, CEOs, senior experts, etc. . If you want to know what head hunting is and how it is done, I have written about it in another article. Over the years as a human resources manager and talent expert, I have helped many people to have a smoother and better career path. I see job opportunities that are special, and people who take those opportunities literally achieve more success without trying to find a job and relocate themselves.

My access to these people has often been through social networks (not necessarily just social networking apps) and I have accessed them because they themselves have a good understanding of these social networks and have taken effective action in them. . I hope that by understanding the philosophy of social networks, you will take effective steps to make less effort and focus more on your job promotion.


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