Better Team, More Growth

Human Resources Services – Executive and Co-Founders Coaching


Me Mahdiyeh Tabatabaie, When I started working in the market research industry as a Human Resources Expert  in 2003, my ability to recognize people and building teams developed for 6 years, and each day made me more self-aware. I was interested in learning more about it.

Then, for my professional development, I entered the pharmaceutical industry and took on a new challenge in the field of talent search and talent management as a Talent Acquisition Expert, and I was able to work with international companies over the next six years. In the same years, with a master’s degree in human resource management and passing specialized courses in reputable centers such as the Industrial Management Organization, I made an effort to continue participating in prestigious domestic and international academic courses in the field of coaching.

The difference between success and failure depends on how we know ourselves and our environment. The results that we are able to create are the continuation of our awareness that leads to continuous growth, purposefulness and self-satisfaction and our profession.

It was this awareness that led me to start working in the information technology industry, especially in the field of startups, in 2015, and since that year I entered the IT industry as a human resources manager and of course because of its attractiveness. As part of career path, I focused on team building, coaching, and evaluating startup teams.

A focus that helped to deepen my knowledge and experience as much as possible and added to my inner desire for personal growth. That’s why I decided to pursue an academic path in the field of coaching managers, along with mentoring human resources, but these two have evolved a lot and led to the creation of value for companies and meet their needs in the field of human resources.

Over the years, I have tried to provide my knowledge and experience as much as possible by holding workshops, providing advice, and mentoring colleagues and managers, which, of course, has been a whole new experience and learning for me.

Now I am proud to be able to meet the needs of startups in various stages as well as small and midsized companies with a professional and interested team in the field of human resources and coaching.

Our effort is to meet the most important needs of teams and companies to have more professional human resources and improve the performance of their human resources. That is why I offer you services that are directly effective in achieving these goals. Services such as Executive and Co-Founder Coaching, Human Resource Mentoring, Team Building, Facilitation and Head Hunting.