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How to find good human resources mentors?

How to find good human resources mentors?


It is normal for staff to refer to managers and the human resources team. They turn to the Human Resources Unit in hopes of solving their problems. But when a problem arises for specialists and human resources experts, who do they turn to? A human resource mentor is a great option for troubleshooting human resource experts. But that’s not all a human resources mentor does. In the following, we will pay more attention to this.

One of the biggest benefits for employees is having a safe and confidential environment for discussing their thoughts, feelings, questions and aspirations and career path. Human resource professionals are professional in creating such a secure and confidential environment, but they themselves, as employees, must refer to someone else. A person who is out of the company and can give them good advice and guidance with a similar field of expertise.

Mentoring is a powerful tool for keeping up with a rapidly evolving career. Twenty-nine percent of organizations have formal mentoring programs and 37 percent have unofficial programs, according to a November 2017 research study by The Association for Talent Development


Modern mentoring:


As the number of companies that put mentoring programs on their list of service’s growth, so does the knowledge and services of mentoring to meet today’s market growth. In the last 10 years, it has become so flexible that it can be offered from a few hours to even a year, depending on the needs of the companies.

Mentoring was once used by idealistic individuals or companies, but now, due to the evolution and professional growth of human resources units, mentoring is used by a variety of individuals and companies. Flexibility in providing mentoring services is one of the necessities of today’s work environment.

In some cases, mentoring can be provided over the phone and remotely, and companies no longer pay for a fixed-term contract but for the number of hours they have received the service. However, experts still recommend that mentors / clients meet in person or talk on the phone, because in order for a mentoring relationship to be effective, a conversation must take place.


Characteristics of Human Resource Mentors:

ویژگی های منتور منابع انسانی

Mentoring is a unique relationship and is different from a manager, parents or friends. Therefore, it is important that time be allocated for the formation of this relationship, and both parties should be committed to the formation of this relationship and the time and schedule of the time they have agreed. So work with mentors who are committed to time.

Because modern mentoring services are provided continuously, mentors should be available and prioritize mentoring relationships with their clients.

A human resource mentoring program will not work well without clear goals. So before you start the program and sign a contract, ask your mentor to review your goals or help you develop them. Certainly such a person must have complete mastery of the field of human resources.

In addition, these goals must be realistic and achievable. “As a customer, don’t expect your mentor to do everything himself,”

So your mentor will be with you, both as a consultant and as a trainer, to not only provide you with the latest information and procedures, but also to teach you how to use this information and procedures yourself.

Choose mentors who have worked in the industry you work in, and whose main actors know its atmosphere, its rules, its management practices, and its specific human resource practices. I have worked in the market research industries, pharmaceutical and information technology, especially startups, and I know that despite the similarities, there are important differences in how human resources are managed in these industries.

There must be similar differences in other industries. Therefore, it is recommended that you seek the help of mentors who work as human resources specialists in your industry and know it.


Search Methods for Human Resource Mentor :




There are two very useful online tools for searching for human resource mentors. Google and LinkedIn. You can use these two tools to search for experienced managers and human resource mentors in your industry. As a human resources specialist, one of your skills is networking. Ask your network about an experienced human resources manager and mentor.

Keep in mind that depending on the size of the company in which you work as a human resources specialist, you can use several human resource mentors. You don’t have to find a mentor who can help you with everything you want, but you can get help from a few mentors, each of whom specializes in one area.

Communicating with multiple HR specialists with different specialties can be helpful. Focus on the strengths of the mentors and determine how you can use their knowledge. Of course, this depends on the size of the company and the variety of services you want.

The search for a human resources mentor does not necessarily follow his needs. This is a process that must be done at all times and in all places. In the seminars, webinars, and workshops you attend, in the specialized journals of human resources that you read, there may always be colleagues and managers with experience in human resources who specialize in a field that you are less specialized in.

Do not hesitate to contact them. At the same time, use them to increase your knowledge and experience and add them to your network list so that you can get help from them in a timely manner.

Help yourself. Having others search for you can be one of the best tools you can look for. How ? Through a sense of altruism and goodwill. Don’t underestimate them. You are a human resource expert, and getting help and assistance is one of your most basic skills, not just a moral one.

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