Better Team, More Growth

Team Building


Team building is the ability to identify employees and motivate them to form a team, staying together, working together, and achieving goals together.

Team building is a general term for a variety of activities that are used to promote social relationships and define roles in teams, and often include tasks that increase teamwork.

Each member of the team must have enough motivation to show their best. Duties are not assigned to team members, but each member actively assumes tasks. They have to move forward and accept the challenge.

One cannot expect a team to be formed on its own, and even if several people come together with a common interest, they can build a successful team or continue as a team. The motivating factor plays a central role in building the team.

There are several definitions for team building. A valid definition is provided by the Management Studies Guide website and is:

Team building refers to the various activities performed to motivate team members and increase the overall performance of the team.


Team building activities are very important because they contribute to the overall development of each member of the team and in turn improve team performance. This strengthens the bond between employees and it is felt that there is an incentive to work and achieve goals.

Is teamwork the only solution?
There are a variety of ways to divide and control tasks. The most important advantage of teams is the active participation of all members in promoting the work program and product. Team dynamism will also make the product dynamic. If you do not need such a work environment or product, team building is not your priority.
When is the best time to build a team?
You need to think about team building when you're talking to someone else to make your idea a reality. When you want to see changes in a product or procedure, you must first form teams, even if unofficially, and when you want to create competitive advantages over competitors, you have to form your own work teams.
Is it important to know the right people to build a team?
If a team is not yet formed, the best course of action is to identify the right people for the role. This is done by conducting behavioral interviews in addition to specialized interviews and by implementing standardized tests. But if you have your own team, it can be done by facilitating team relationships, helping to get to know more team members about themselves and other team members, redefining team structure, and more.