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HR Mentoring for Startups


Mentoring is a process in which one of the managers inside the company or an expert outside the company, both in terms of awareness and experience, consults with other colleagues and determines work models, processes and tools for them.  The mentoring includes unlimited meetings and conversations in the workplace and is consistent with the intended field of work.

It is normal for staff to refer to managers and the human resources team. They come to the Human Resources Unit in hopes of solving their problems. But when a problem arises for specialists and human resources experts, who do they turn to? Also when a startup is in its early or middle stage and there is almost no mature HR department, who do staff turn to? A human resource mentoring is a great option for supporting human resource experts.

One of the biggest benefits for employees is having a safe and confidential environment for discussing their thoughts, feelings, questions, aspirations, and career path. Human resource professionals are good in creating such a secure and confidential environment, but they themselves, as employees, must refer to someone else. A person who is out of the company and can give them good advice and guidance with a similar field of expertise.

This is not limited to HR department and specially early / middle stage startups  need human resource mentoring. mostly because they are focusing on product and market more than internal departments but still they need to manage their team effectively.

A good human resource mentor has features that need to be considered when choosing one. In this article, you can learn how to find a good human resources mentor.

Here are some tips to help you focus on human resource mentoring session:

  • Employee soft and behavioral skills
  • Employee job competition status
  • Employee career goals and aspirations
  • Helping to chart a path to achieving career goals
  • Transfer the experience and knowledge of mentors to human resources experts
  • Coordination of job status and life of employees
  • Investigate learning opportunities for greater job success
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Gain higher positions in the organization
  • Examine individual values and their relevance to the job position
  • Creating a positive work environment in the workplace
  • Networking
  • Consolidate the current job position
  • stress management
  • Achieving managerial knowledge in the current job position
  • Effective collaboration with people with the same professional background
  • knowledge and experience
  • Team building
How long and how to hold human resource mentoring sessions?
The duration of mentoring is negotiable. Mentoring may take place in a certain number of sessions or in a continuous course. It all depends on the needs of the startup. Some human resource mentoring services can also be done over the phone and online, but others, such as facilitation sessions, require you to attend the company. In the initial meetings and during the provision of services, the manner of their presentation and holding meetings with the applicant or human resources experts or senior managers of the company will be determined.
What are the benefits of participating in a human resource mentoring program?
In summary, the following benefits are included in the Human Resources Mentoring Program: - Supporting startup employees or Co-founders or managers in professional growth and adapting it to the company's goals - 360 degree evaluation of people's strengths and weaknesses - Ability to focus on specific questions and problems that the person or company is facing - Solve problems related to job competition of specific employees - Transferring the experience and knowledge of the mentor regarding the standardization of administration and human resource processes - Investigate the problems related to employee job satisfaction - Investigating the problems caused by the inconsistency of people in the work team - Investigating the problems caused by the inconsistency of individual values ​​of employees with the parameters of the work environment - Team building and networking - stress management - Facilitate communication between team members
How to find a good mentor?
- Think of your direct colleagues in the company who have similar expertise but more experience, knowledge and managerial ability. They can be your mentor. - Ask your colleagues if they have mentors. - Online professional environments such as LinkedIn and the website of experts in your field can be useful and effective. - We have experience in startups and HR for more than 17 years and we can provide HR mentoring for you as well
What are the best results from a human resource mentoring program?
Set your goals and expectations before you start looking for a mentor. - Be prepared to share your hopes and concerns with your mentor. - Be a pioneer in your relationship with mentors: This is about your startup. - Before each mentoring session, be fully physically and mentally ready to make the most of it. - Following up on agreed actions. Find out what mentoring is all about: o An open book about all the answers or the guaranteed path to your success. o Intermediary tools between you and your manager. o Psychological counseling