Better Team, More Growth

HR Team Up and Training

A company or a startup, regardless of size, equipment, strategy, business model, vision, capital, etc., with better human capital, experiences more growth.

Attracting talented people in the company, whether large or start-up, is an effort to have a better company, but these activities in the field of human resources are not limited to attracting and hiring, and other specialized activities of human resources such as facilitation, insurance, related matters. Labor laws, matters relating to the negotiation of personnel contracts, matters relating to the termination of cooperation with personnel, the implementation of some models such as OKR, the implementation of the employer’s value proposition (Employee Value Proposition) for employee branding (Employee Branding), the formation of feedback sessions, Values ​​and ethical codes of the company, implementation of systems such as on boarding (New Boarding) of new employees, implementation of assessments such as job satisfaction, implementation and analysis of tests such as NEO and emotional intelligence, conducting professional interviews, implementation of indicators Key to staff performance, implementation of employee turnover system, head hunting, job classification and analysis, etc. are also very important.

Over the years, working in the human resources profession, whether in large industries such as pharmaceuticals or in startup ecosystems where most startups have their limitations, we have seen that it is easy to use human resource capacities in larger companies. But even they have their own challenges that need to be overcome to have an up-to-date and professional human resources team that can meet the company’s needs.

Small teams, or rather small companies and startups, have more problems in between, but that does not mean that they can not use the services of human resources and its capacities.

We try to help small and large companies with proper budgeting to make their human resources units more professional, and even if they do not have a human resources unit or a human resources expert, to create, hire and train an expert or experts. Let’s help them.

Of course, this does not mean that companies have to pay for the professionalization of novice experts in the form of projects such as internships, etc., or to enter into projects that have hidden costs for them, but the service that we provide. Clearly, it includes one or more such things as, becoming more professional current human resources experts, upgrading human resource units, attracting experts with capabilities tailored to the needs of the company and team building in the human resources unit, so that this The team can handle its important affairs and duties in the company’s human resources unit and startup.

The training or team-building that is defined in the human resources unit or for its experts at the request of your company or start-up team will be transparent and with a clear result that can be evaluated.

We hope you agree with us that a better team means more growth. Hope to see you

When is training and team up for human resource experts needed?
Companies and startups with agile and skilled manpower can have a more effective presence in the competitive market. The human resources unit itself is no exception to this rule. It has been a long time since human resource activities were limited to some administrative and recruitment activities, and now human resources experts play an important role in the process of recruiting and hiring key talents and personnel, as well as in their other specialized tasks in this unit. Play. Therefore, training and team-building of human resources is a major process in companies, which is especially necessary when the company grows and the need for more specialized employment and implementation of models and indicators of human resources.
Are training and team-building limited to medium and large companies?
Even start-ups and small businesses with less than 50 people need at least one HR expert who has important tasks in team building, recruitment and employment, termination of cooperation, implementation of new team structures, consideration of labor laws And take the provisions of contracts and .... Things that some companies have ignored and have met with great challenges and problems in the near future. Challenges that have sometimes been accompanied by financial losses and legal complexities.
What is the difference between training and team building in human resources unit with human resource mentoring?
Human resource mentoring involves guiding the manager or master of human resources or the CEO of the company regarding reviews, decisions and evaluations related to human resources or the affairs of the human resources unit, while training and team-up in the human resources unit to do some training. The specifics of the company or start-up and team building and team-building of the human resources unit are specialized with the aim of creating or increasing their ability in up-to-date human resource management. Of course, these services are intertwined, but they are formed and presented following independent and specific questions and needs in the company.
What kind of training is provided in the human resources unit?
As we said above, nowadays companies are thinking more about recruiting and hiring with new methods, but there are other important activities in the human resources units, each of which can be done separately. Educate or assist human resource professionals to empower them in a way that they can do well. These activities include: facilitation, insurance, labor law matters, personnel contract negotiation matters, personnel termination matters, implementation of some models such as OKR, implementation of Employee Value Proposition For Employee Branding, developing feedback sessions, developing company values and ethical codes, implementing systems such as on-board staffing, conducting assessments such as job satisfaction, implementing and analyzing tests such as NEO And emotional intelligence, conducting professional interviews, implementing key personnel performance indicators, implementing employee turnover system, head hunting, job classification and analysis.
What is the meaning of team up at human resources unit?
Large companies may want to evaluate their current HR teams and make changes to them if necessary. Small companies and start-ups may also need to create human resource units or attract and empower a human resources expert, which can be done in the form of a human resource unit team.
What is the cost of training and team-building of the human resources unit?
In estimating the cost of training and team-up of the human resources unit, variables such as the number of experts working in the human resources unit, the amount of evaluation required for this unit, the type of training required, the need for head hunting, the need to attract new experts or experts, etc. are effective. We are ready to agree with you on the cost package by evaluating the situation and needs of the company and the human resources unit, and we will definitely provide quality work.