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Head Hunt managers and experts

Hiring managers and senior experts is not the same as hiring regular employees. Companies in this situation are well aware of this fact. Although there are general databases that include specialists, specialized databases are usually weak in adapting managers and senior experts to the company’s structures, and recruiting managers and specialized experts in a company requires its own process.

The first step in this process is to identify and master the characteristics of a manager or expert that a company needs to hire for specific reasons. The reasons for each company in attracting managers and experts can be different even from the reasons of its competitors. These are the specific features that make previous databases inefficient.

Collecting resumes and screening according to the specific needs of the company is another step that must be done carefully. Detailed examinations of emotional intelligence, managerial style and background, personality and competencies, along with other specific items considered by the company in the screening stage are performed and the final list is prepared.

At this stage, which is also the most critical stage of the work, exclusive interviews should be conducted in several stages, and then the final negotiations with the final candidates for recruitment will take place.

In order to perform these steps, it is necessary for a person with skills and expertise in recruitment and employment, evaluation of human resources, specialized interviews to be by your side and help you in this process.

Recruiting packages


Screening package:


In this package, according to the needs of the company and the identified capabilities in attracting your manager or experts, the databases are directly and indirectly reviewed and screened through an initial interview and a list of suitable candidates is introduced to the company. .

This package is suitable for companies that do not have enough time or facilities to extract the initial list of candidates for a job position, but are able to conduct specialized interviews and evaluations to select the final candidate.

Screening can be provided at two different level ( Experts and Managers ) with two different prices.



head Hunting package:


In this package, all measures related to the recruitment of human resources considered by the company, in addition to the initial screening, are performed by our experts. In addition to reviewing databases and initial interviews, evaluations and expert interviews are also conducted by our team and the final list of candidates along with their evaluation report and specialized interviews is provided to the company.

In addition, our experts accompany the company during the final negotiations and the signing of the contract so that there is no ambiguity in the recruitment process.

Typically, the CEOs of the companies or the managing director also conduct an interview for their personal evaluation, in which our experts will be present at this meeting if the company wishes.

This package is suitable for specialized job positions at the management level or senior experts, and companies recruit manpower in competitive job positions, especially through the head hunting process.


When to use the process of recruiting ordinary employees or experts?
When there is not enough time or facilities to extract the initial list of candidates for a job position in the company, but the company itself is able to conduct interviews and specialized evaluations to select the final candidate from the initial list.
When to use the process of head hunting managers or senior experts?
When there is a need for people in the company with high professional or managerial ability and the board decides to outsource the entire recruitment process in one job position. Sometimes, due to the sensitivities in recruiting a human resources, it is not right for the company's internal stakeholders to be involved in the recruitment process, but only the general characteristics and policies are outlined by the board and the recruitment of such people is outsourced.
What to look for in screening?
According to the needs of the company and the capabilities identified for an expert, the databases are directly and indirectly reviewed and screened through an initial interview and a list of suitable candidates is introduced to the company.
What to look for in Head Hunting?
The fascinating process of managers or senior experts seeks to answer two main questions. The first is to select a person or persons who are prepared to assess the wishes of the board of directors, and the second is that the company is suitable for people who currently have a similar position in another company and are looking for new incentives to grow and improve or relocate. The transfer of senior managers is not the same as the transfer of ordinary employees, and these people are not just concerned with financial or job position, so the process of recruiting senior managers or experts is a two-way process that involves both the company and the job candidates.
What are the steps in the screening process?
Review databases directly and indirectly and provide a preliminary list of suitable candidates for each job position after the initial interview.
What are the steps in the process of hiring managers or senior experts?
First, the company's needs are assessed by examining the desired job, proposed position, qualification conditions, general recruitment policy, competencies and income. Then the search is started through various online and offline sources and the selected candidates are screened. After specialized evaluations of intelligence, personality and behavior, as well as a multi-stage exclusive interview with the candidates, the final list of suitable candidates along with the reports of interviews and evaluations will be submitted to the company. Our experts will be present with the company during the interview of the candidates with the CEO and the negotiation and final contract.