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Deep Work book by Cal Newport

:The book begins with a hypothesis

The hypothesis that the ability to do deep work is increasingly scarce and, at the same time, increasingly valuable is the result that few people develop this skill and then make it the core of their work. They will make progress.

This book goes on to discuss two reasons for the importance and impact of deep work:

First, deep work is a skill that is of great value today,

Because we live in an information economy era that depends on complex systems that are changing rapidly. To stay valuable in the economy, you must master the art of learning complex content at high speed. This requires deep work.

The second reason is that if you can create something useful, access to its audience is basically unlimited. On the other hand, if what you produce is mediocre, you will have trouble finding a better alternative on the Internet, which is very easy for your audience. To be successful, you must produce the best you can, an important thing that requires depth.

With the approach of human resources and as someone who is on the side of business growth, I can interpret these reasons in such a way that if we are going to be different from others, if we are going to compete in a tough market, if we want to be the best as an expert, If we are looking for better job opportunities, having deep work skills can be our strength and bring us a lot of benefits.

In this book, the author uses phrases that attract a lot of attention:

It is one of those terms (distraction). The author believes that there are many distractions in today’s world, and in a way, we have become accustomed to them, and in many places they have mistakenly become our measure of capability.

One of those terms is attention residue, which means that when we are switching a lot, we practically leave part of our focus between tasks, and this has a great impact on shallow tasks.

The following are many examples of world famous people whose success has been due to deep work.

And in other sections, to provide a solution, the following strategy is used to increase the work depth in daily life.

1- Decide on your deep method

2- Monastic method in deep work schedule

3- Domodi method in deep work scheduling

4 – Rhythmic method in deep work schedule

5 – Journalism method in deep work schedule

6- Creating your own work routine

My personal experience during the study of the book was interesting to me. I easily understood how far my environmental distractions had spread. I realized the reason for the lack of time to do things and realized how much deep work I needed.

This book is for all those who

1- Do they feel they do not have time to do things?

2- They ask themselves why my work does not work?

3- Are they looking for more success?

I suggest.

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