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What is Coaching?

Coaching is defined in a variety of ways. Including :

  • Helping people change the way they want to and helping them along the way
  • Support a person at whatever level they want
  • Creating and adding awareness to empower the individual in a way that leads to right decisions and change


The International Coaching Federation (ICF) has defined this skill as follows:

“Collaborating with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional abilities.”

Coaching increases a person’s potential to maximize their performance and helps people learn on their own, rather than being directly trained or counseled.

Coaching has traditionally been associated with sports. Every athlete has a high level of coaching. It is now natural to seek help from a coach to achieve personal and business goals. This skill is a kind of co-worker and his client.

Koch helps clients discover the best in their personality and achieve the desired results in their personal and professional lives.

This tool ensures that clients are able to discover, learn, and make the best of their personality traits.

It is not necessary for Koch to be an expert in the field of professional activities of his clients, but not everyone can call himself Coach, but in various fields, reputable international organizations and their official national representatives have trained and trained Coaches and after During the rigorous and lengthy process, he is awarded an official certificate.

The coaching training process includes comprehensive theory sessions, practical coaching sessions, hours of real coaching sessions for which one must provide valid confirmations, a national and international theory test, and a national and international practical test.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is responsible for conducting international courses and tests, and in Iran, the Persian Language Coaching Academy (FCA), under the auspices of the International Federation, conducts prestigious coaching courses.

It is worth mentioning that the Persian Language Academy of Coaching (FCA) is the only reputable Iranian institute by ICF that is licensed to hold coaching courses.

It is important to note that ICF is very strict in assessing the quality of its coaching courses by its national representatives, and the professors and some staff of these national institutions must be ICF graduates themselves and be approved by that institution.

Of course, this does not mean that other institutions will not be able to conduct coaching courses, but the courses held by them are not approved by the ICF, and at the international level, graduates of such institutions are not recognized as official coaching.


Benefits of coaching:


In fact, coaching is a type of relationship that is created with the aim of helping and assisting between clients and coaching, and in this regard, a wide range of techniques and behavioral methods to help clients to achieve a set of mutual goals have been identified. , Improving professional performance and personal satisfaction of clients is also used, as a result, the efficiency of clients in the organization is officially improved.

The goals and topics of the coaching sessions between the coach and the referees are specified and concluded even in the form of a formal contract.


کوچینگ در برابر منتورینگ

The difference between coaching and mentoring:


Coaching and mentoring may use similar skills and approaches. Coaching is and continues to be a special course of action between coach and client, while mentoring can be expanded.

A mentor is typically in the same profession as his mentee, and sometimes in the same organization and with the same specialty, and has already taken the path that his client is taking.

The Professional Institute for Human Resources and Development (CIPD) states that there are many similar work processes between coaching, mentoring, and counseling; And they are only offered by people with different conditions and specialties.

Coaching does not involve counseling, but focusing on the client’s thoughts. Mentoring also includes providing advice or directing the client.


Specifically, coaching includes the following:


  • Contract for a specified period of time
  • The structure of the meetings is determined at each meeting and with natural progress and can be planned regularly
  • The focus is on developing strengths and bringing them to the desired level after making changes in the individual. Coaching is useful in developing talents, managing change, and finding specific solutions to professional challenges
  • Coaching does not require coaching to have direct experience and expertise related to the client. However, in executive coaching, they are expected to have a sufficient understanding of the area of ​​work or organization in which the client is working. For example, have sufficient knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry or accounting or information technology, etc., or be familiar with the culture of the organization, such as the culture of startups.
  • The program of each coaching session is organized by the client, and what topic or part of a topic they focus on in each session is the result of an agreement between the coach and the client.
  • The schedule of each session depends on the progress and movement of the clients during the coaching process.
Specifically, mentoring includes the following:


  • The working relationship between the mentor and his client can last for a long time.
  • Business meetings can be more informal and can be held whenever clients need advice, guidance and support.
  • The mentor is always more experienced and more qualified than his clients. He is often a senior in the organization who can transfer knowledge and experience and open doors to access new opportunities.
  • The focus is on professional and personal development.
  • The work schedule is set by the authorities and the mentor provides the necessary support and guidance based on this program.
  • Mentoring focuses directly on developing one’s career.

Coaching process:


  • Identifying the subject or issue: Migration can help you define your subject or problem well first of all.
  • Exploring Ideas and Data: Koch explores, challenges, listens, and asks questions so you can find a clear vision of the goals you need to move toward.
  • Eliminate Obstacles: Together with your migration, you will identify the obstacles you face in achieving your goals, and you will overcome them.
  • Take concrete steps: Migration will help you have a clear plan for achieving your goals.
  • Refine and Reflect: Migration will continue to support and motivate you until you reach your goals.

Coaching is result-oriented:


Coaching is a set of one-on-one or one-on-one secret meetings that focus on the goals of clients or clients. These goals can include:

  • Accurate adjustment and coordination of individual skills and knowledge
  • Accelerate learning
  • Solve the problem
  • Maximum performance development and improvement
  • strategic planning
  • Make a change or grow with a change
  • Remove work and personal barriers
  • Identify and achieve clarity in your goals



Types of coaching:


  • Business Coaching:

Business coaching is a type of human resource development for leaders and managers in a variety of businesses. This type of coaching involves supporting a person or people working in an organization to achieve specific goals and providing feedback to them using specific techniques such as holding one-on-one or one-on-one coaching sessions, 360-degree feedback or evaluations. It deals with performance and behavior. Another name for business coaching is executive coaching.

  • Career Coaching:

It focuses on people’s career path and is mainly concerned with their performance.

  • Relationship Coaching:

The application improves people’s personal and professional relationships.

  • Coaching in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD):

The term was first used in 1994 by two psychologists, Edward Hall and John Wright. This type of coaching is a branch of life coaching that is designed to help people with ADHD and lack of attention by using specific techniques.

  • Co-Coaching:

It is based on specific and structured exercises that are held among Coaches colleagues to learn more and master Coaching techniques.

  • Dating Coaching:

It is designed to help clients succeed in interpersonal relationships with their fiancé or spouse.

  • Financial Coaching:

It is a new type that has been created with the aim of helping clients to solve their financial problems and obstacles. Koch supports its clients in achieving defined financial programs and goals.

  • Health and Wellness Coaching:

People who suffer from chronic illnesses in particular are faced with a situation that may become difficult for them to manage over time for a variety of reasons and may cause them other problems in their personal, professional, or emotional lives. Health coaches help these people manage their chronic illnesses.

  • Homework Coaching:

Help students achieve the skills needed to study effectively and do homework and achieve academic success.

  • In Education Coaching:

It is a kind of useful intervention in educational organizations and institutions that helps students, teachers and their managers to achieve more scientific success.

  • Life Coaching:

It is a process that helps people identify and achieve personal goals through the development of individual skills and attitudes that lead to their empowerment.

  • Sports Coaching:

In sports, a coach is a person who provides supervision and training for the sports team or players. Sports coaching is involved in sports management, training athletes, coaching competitions and making faces, and introducing teams and athletes.

These are just a few examples. It has been observed that coaches do one or more types of coaching based on their specialization

For example, those who work in the field of human resources are most likely in areas :such as

Business Coaching: Career Coaching: Strengths performance coaching; executive coaching.



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