Better Team, More Growth

چرا ما ؟

Scientific and experimental support
The services provided are derived from the most essential needs of companies in the field of human resources and coaching, which has been practiced by Mahdiyeh Tabatabaie over the years in the acquisition of knowledge and experience both in Iran and internationally.
A capable executive team
Our services are provided under the direct management of Mahdiyeh Tabatabaie and with the support of a team that is all very capable and has accumulated sufficient knowledge and experience before accepting responsibility; Therefore, they do something that is in line with their inner desire and constantly try to fulfill their responsibilities with commitment.
Commitment to permanent support
We are committed to making sure that all our clients and customers get the most out of the services they receive. The way we are supported is well defined by the type of services we provide, and I personally consider myself committed to a lasting relationship with you and to receiving feedback and suggestions.
Full warranty service
After years of experience, I am fully confident in the quality and effectiveness of the services; I also believe that successful service delivery is step-by-step, and our goal is to help meet the needs in which we have sufficient expertise and experience. If the standard service framework is provided with adequate support, it will meet customer needs and satisfaction, but ultimately, if dissatisfaction is not met, all proceeds will be returned immediately and in cash, with respect.
Expertise in human resources
We believe that human resources are an attractive field to which various specialties tend. We also believe that human resources alone are a branch of science, and that people with relevant education, study and experience can specialize in this area. In addition to specializing in human resources and coaching, we are committed to working with professionals in these areas.
Commitment to providing high standard services
It is important for us that Farsi speakers benefit from the up-to-date knowledge of human resources in the world and that their organizations are at the forefront of the human resources department. It is important for us that companies, especially start-ups, have strong team building, and for this reason, we provide services such as team building, head hacking and facilitation with the highest quality. It is important for us to help managers make good decisions based on what is inside them based on the facts of their business, which fortunately coaching has made possible.
Provide essential human resource services
Providing services that are affordable for companies and startups and easy to imagine. Such as attracting key personnel, facilitating team building, mentoring human resources and executive coaching
Years of successful experience
Mahdiyeh Tabatabaie has had successful experience in the field of human resources and coaching in recent years. There are several reports based on customer's feedback that reflect the objective and sustainable performance of services in their business. We are thrilled to hear from clients and companies. Encourage and ensure that services meet real challenges