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how we decide written by jonah Lehrer

One of the most valuable books I’ve read lately was The Decision by Jonah Lerrer. In this book, which I think is very valuable, the author has tried to talk about the structure and model of our brain so that we can understand more. How we think and how we decide.

In the other part of the book, an attempt is made to teach how each human being can guide his mind based on the abilities of that part of the brain, in the sense that I can identify issues and challenges and solve them from different parts of my brain. Use according to its potential.

In my opinion, this book has been able to answer many of our questions about the coaching method and process and can be useful for those who are on the path to coaching.


Why coaching?


My experience is that one of the times we move to migration is when we want to make new decisions, we want to take new paths, or we want to discover new ways, the more we become familiar with our own decision-making pattern. We can better understand the impact that coaching can have on important parts of our lives.

What does Coach do? We need to know that Coach is an expert based on the findings of this book, and it takes time and practice to become an expert. He is someone who can trust his feelings.

At the same time, he can hear well, ask well, give feedback, and so on. The next question may be, what can we all do, and what is the added value of migration?

To clarify the matter, I looked at the issue from this angle.

Based on what I learned in this book, I became aware that we humans are wary of feeling lost and trying to ignore that issue, which will have many consequences for us.

  • When a challenge arises, we begin to give logical reasons for it. Research has shown that in many cases we become greedy when we feel defeated and reasonably evaluate chance events and therefore do not accept reasonable profit. In these cases, our brain amygdala is activated.


  • When we censor our minds, we disable the part of our brain that opposes our imagination, which in turn causes us to ignore relevant evidence.


  • Fear of error prevents us from learning.


With this awareness, let’s go back to the time when we wanted to make a new plan in life. It seems that by hiring Koch, we can turn these threats into valuable opportunities. When Coach hears us. He hears our unspoken words and gives feedback. In fact, our minds are forced to practice harder. Practice thinking about information that we ignore and don’t want to pay attention to. Data that confirms our established beliefs. It is disturbing.

I have heard a lot of experiences from clients who believed that they could not take action on their problem, believed that they had tried all the ways, had not seen a successful experience around them, and thought it was impossible to do because we had not yet succeeded.

I believe that forcing the brain to see what it does not want to see is a difficult exercise, and I have experienced it many times and I have received feedback. Certainly thinking and seeing the same and finding new ways.

Another interesting thing that happens in our brains is the phenomenon of suffocation, which means that the anterior part begins to analyze, which is not necessarily true, and prevents the real feeling, as when this part says expensive sex. Definitely better. Such a decision is definitely a better decision. This is the only way to achieve the desired result. In these cases, we have the phenomenon of suffocation. Wealth information is said to create attention deficit (Herbert Simon).

Yes, in this turmoil, which is due to the nature of our minds and, of course, the busy schedule, one of the best ways is to hire a coach. Remember that he is an expert. He hears well. Information categorizes our minds. It leaves out additional information that reduces our focus, in consultation with us, it illuminates our blind spots, and then the best knowledge is born. And in the background of awareness, step by step, we take appropriate actions.

The first step to making a better decision is to see ourselves as we are and to honestly assess our weaknesses, talents, strengths and weaknesses, and to plan for our own growth and to take advantage of migration capabilities along the way.


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